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Motiv: noun/ /məutiv/:

The word comes from the Latin word “Motivus”, which means to move forward. Think of Motiv as the reason that makes you act. The reason that led us to create Motiv was our need to offer a completely new, everyday experience around coffee in the heart of Athens.

After many years of experience in the coffee industry we decided to gather our ideas and passion under one roof, where we can meet, share a cup of coffee, talk, laugh and move on with our day.



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Coffee is a unique agricultural product. That’s why we import coffee beans based on the seasonality of the coffee producing countries, in order to preserve and bring out the freshness and flavor that characterize the origin, variety, soil, microclimate and processing process of the coffee cherries. All the coffees we roast are selected for their unique flavor profile and high quality, meaning all our coffees are rated above 86 on the rating scale.

We work with Europe’s largest coffee importers, building a relationship of trust where we can buy high quality coffee at fair prices. This ensures that coffee farmers are paid fairly for their hard work. We strive to source small-scale productions to support local communities and economies, while achieving full traceability along the coffee journey so we know the story behind every cup you enjoy.

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